Melba Juez-Perrone               (857) 301-7726

Melba Juez-Perrone, a passionate community supporter and educational advocate, serves as MassCOSH's Chief of Operations (COO). Melba joins Al Vega, our Chief of Strategy and Engagement (CSE), as a co-leader, and as COO she oversees our fundraising, administrative, human resources, and financial systems. 
Melba comes to MassCOSH from a career in post-secondary education serving most recently as Director of Admissions at Nashua Community College. She has held numerous leadership positions and has previously advocated on behalf of immigrant and low wage workers. She has experience in staff supervision, budget development/grant writing, and program support and database systems management. She also has a background in public speaking and event planning. 

Melba is excited to bring this knowledge and experience to her role and aid us in our efforts to ensure workers can earn their living and return home alive and well. She states: “Workers should feel safe at work physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We at MassCOSH work together to provide our workers with knowledge and tools to best serve them. We also inform employers of best practices to meet these needs and advocate for and with workers for fair wages and safe working conditions.”