MassCOSH Board of Directors

  • Retired Regional Solicitor, Department of Labor

    Michael Felsen joined Justice at Work as an Access to Justice Fellow in 2018, following a 39-year career as an attorney with the Solicitor's Office of the U.S.

  • Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, 1199SEIU

    Nancy worked as the Youth Coordinator at the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (MassCOSH), for six years.  Prior to joining MassCOSH, Nancy served for two years with AmeriCorps, in the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship, working on service projects with an emphasis on cultural & community history of urban neighborhoods and youth development. She now works for SEIU1199. 

  • FairWorks, PC, Labor Attorney

    Rachel is an associate attorney at Fair Work, P.C., where she represents workers in class actions as well as in individual cases of wage theft, discrimination, and retaliation. Prior to joining Fair Work, Rachel worked at Greater Boston Legal Services, where she represented primarily immigrant employees in the Employment Law Unit.  

  • Daughter of fallen worker

    Traci Teal – Daughter of fallen worker 
    Traci Teal’s father, Joseph, was tragically killed at work May 24, 2006. That day will forever be etched in her mind. It was a horrible time for her family, and the pain of his death still remains deep in their hearts. Her loss has led her to fight for every worker so they can safely return home from work every day. 
    Traci Teal - Hija de un trabajador fallecido 

  • Business Manager of Ironworkers Local 7

    I joined the ironworkers in April of 2000, working as an apprentice for 3 years. After twelve years in the field, I was elected to the executive board in 2012. I served in that role for three years and decided to run for President in 2015. After being elected to President and serving half of the term I was promoted to the Business Agents role in October of 2016. After four years as a Business Agent on March 1, 2020, I was promoted to Business Manager of Local 7.

  • Massachusetts Teachers Association

    Michael Sireci is a union organizer who has worked on safety issues in the health-care industry and in public education for over 25 years. He holds a master's degree from the Work Environment Department at University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is currently the staff liaison to the Massachusetts Teachers Association's Environmental Health and Safety Committee where he teaches health and safety workshops, participates in scientific research, introduces legislation, conducts building assessments and organizes rank-and-file union members. 

  • Union Leader, Health and Safety Trainer

    Paul Kalajian - Union Leader, Health and Safety Trainer  
    Paul Kalajian was a Connecticut Employees Union Independent, board member for 15 years. He was a safety steward at the University of Connecticut main campus for about 20 years, including the senior safety steward for 12 of those 20. He worked with the SEIU HAZMAT program representing blue collar unions as a trainer, facilitating the worker/trainer work site training of hundreds of trades people. He was also an active as a board member of CTCOSH for a number of years before moving to Massachusetts.  


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