Your Support Makes a World of Difference!

Teens Lead at Work provides training and advocacy for teen workers to ensure their safety and health in the workplace by:

  • Supporting young workers' efforts to research and identify issues of concern to them in the workplace and in their community.
  • Creating polished, confident peer educators that are incredibly effective in reaching out and teaching other teens.
  • Engaging teens in organizing strategies to address their concerns and foster young worker and environmental justice activists.
  • Bringing youth together with their peers to discuss their concerns and to learn about work issues.

Teens Lead at Work would like to thank and recognize the foundations, organizations, unions, and individuals that have made our work possible. With support from so many, TL@W has been able to hold a three day academy for teens across Eastern MA to educate them on health and safety issues pertaining to the workplace, provide health and safety training for other youths, and serve on the Child Labor Law Task Force.

Your contributions have made it possible for this program to reach over 2,000 young workers and provide them with the training and education they need to be safe and healthy in the workplace.