This Holiday, End Harassment on the Job!

December 11, 2017

My fellow workers' rights supporter,
Every day, more people are feeling empowered to come forward and publicly address sexual harassment on the job. But what do you do to protect yourself when you feel invisible and powerless? Our community’s vulnerable, low-wage workers are especially prone to this degrading and violent treatment that makes going to work a living hell.

Yet with your tax-deductible, year-end donation, you can play a leading role in helping these workers retain their dignity on the job. Your compassion can make all the difference. Click here to make your gift now.

In 2016, ten Latina MassCOSH members each received rigorous training on how to effectively interview their fellow workers on sexual harassment and document the real-life experiences of these behind-the-scenes workers. After over a year’s worth of these conversations, our initial findings have shown that low-wage women experience profoundly upsetting physical and psychosocial violence on the job that goes unnoticed by society.

Their harassment ranged from using their immigration status to bully them into submission, to unconsented touching and explicit sexual propositions to retain their badly needed jobs. This data will now be used to secure major grants to help change the lives of these hardworking individuals for the better, but we need your help.

Your donation makes a dramatic impact on every part of MassCOSH, especially during these politically trying times. In addition to mitigating the recent and shocking reduction of important government funding that protects workers, your gift of:

  • $30 covers the cost of interviewing a low-wage worker to learn more about what you can do to help end their abuse on the job.
  • $100 pays for the salary of one of our teen leaders for a week as they focus on training young workers on their rights to a harassment-free workplace.
  • $250 helps cover the organizing costs for MassCOSH’s Legislative Lobby Day, a critical tool in furthering the fight for good, safe jobs for all, ensuring the Bay State remains a national workers’ rights leader.

2017 could not have better proved how vigilant we must be to preserve workers’ rights and the values we hold so dear. As we head into 2018, please give generously today to defend the idea that all workers deserve the right to good, safe jobs. Click here to reach our secure giving page.
Thank you,
Jodi Sugerman-Brozan
MassCOSH Executive Director
P.S.    The work you just read about is considered so important, the Boston Globe recently wrote a front-page article on it. You can read the piece by clicking here. Your donation helps MassCOSH serve as a critical resource for reporters who want to shine a spotlight on workplace injustice in the Bay State.