OSHA Rights and Inspection Process

Your OSHA rights in a nutshell

Your OSHA rights in a nutshell fact sheet

File a Complaint with OSHA

How to File a Complaint with OSHA

The OSHA Inspection

How to handle an OSHA inspection.

OSHA Inspection: Your Rights

Your Rights to an OSHA Inspection and other OSHA Rights

Protect Yourself from Retaliation

How to Protect Yourself from Retaliation if You Need to Complain About a Dangerous Job.

Whistleblower Rights: Environmental Law

There are rights that you have under federal environmental laws that protect you from being fired or harassed by your boss for reporting illegal or potentially illegal activities. You can protect both the environment and your job.

Whistleblower Rights: 7 Laws

Environmental laws have been enacted to protect natural resources and public health. A number of these laws recognize that workers may be the ones who spot their employers violating the law and polluting the environment. Seven federal environmental statutes contain "whistleblower protection" that was designed to protect workers against employer retaliation for their whistleblowing activities.