Jazmin Morinigo

Jazmin@masscosh.org          (857) 301-7732

Jazmin Morinigo serves as MassCOSH's Labor-Community Training Coordinator and Organizer. Jazmin brings ample experience engaging with workers and advocating for their rights through Oxfam America’s campaign for improving workers' rights in poultry processing plants and Northeastern University’s dining hall workers’ contract campaign fight. 

Jazmin graduated from Northeastern University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Economics. During her time at school, she worked with Witness for Peace Boston, as well as the Washington Office on Latin America in Washington, DC. Jazmin also worked at The Fundación Antonio Núñez Jiménez in Havana, Cuba, where she tracked the progress of community development projects and translated proposals using her fluency in Spanish. 
Jazmin serves as MassCOSH’s main liaison to Greater Boston’s union community, working to document their needs and developing ways for MassCOSH to better assist them in achieving safer, better working conditions. She also heads the research and creation of MassCOSH’s annual Dying for Work in Massachusetts report.