Al Vega

For over 15 years, Mr. Vega has worked primarily in the youth development field with a focus on strengthening the skills and leadership of Boston area teens through history to become more engaged citizens in their communities. He joined MassCOSH in 2009 in an administrative role and quickly got involved in many of MassCOSH’s programs (Teens Lead @ Work & the Worker Center) through health and safety trainings (hazard & body mapping, worker rights, etc) and campaigns that directly impacted the most vulnerable workers from all walks of life across the city and state. Most recently, he has worked to make immediate change in schools and HeadStart buildings through the Healthy Schools Initiative. He has extensive experience working with coalitions (unions, community orgs, state and city agencies) which are crucial to MassCOSH’s work and is key to Healthy Schools program that includes many  which look at many aspects of environmental health including: reduction of asthma triggers, Integrated Pest Management, improving indoor air quality and the formation of environmental health committees that ensure this work is being done by individuals in these buildings while working to replicate this model in the larger school district. Al is a member of the United Steel Workers Local 9358.