Dr. Diana Ceballos

Diana is a visiting scientist, JPB Environmental Health fellow, has worked for NIOSH and is an instructor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her life’s passion is to address health disparities by identifying environmental factors that cause disease, injury, or impairment. Her research uncovers and addresses the disproportionate burden of exposure in vulnerable populations—such as those facing economic insecurity or in small businesses—that forces people into risky work. 

Dr. Ceballos has a research project in collaboration with MassCOSH that strives to better understand the connection between exposure to hazards in the workplace, the community, and in the home, where workers may unwittingly bring home pollutants and transfer hazards to their children. She hopes her role on the board could strengthen this collaboration and other projects as well while providing a fresh perspective from academia to guide the overall direction of the board.