MassCOSH Board of Directors

  • Former President of Local 201 IUE-CWA

    Alex is former President of Local 201 IUE-CWA in Lynn MA and a GE worker for 37 years.  She was a health and safety activist in the plant before she was a Local officer.  She served as a MassCOSH Board member in the early 90’s. As a leader of the Local’s Women’s Committee, Alex learned about hazards to pregnant workers and advocated for education and protections. As new women have come into the plant Alex and her colleagues have engaged them in a new education and advocacy project.  Alex was also part of the first ergonomics team in the plant.

  • Administration and Finance Director, SEIU Local 888

    Antonio worked for the City of Boston and was a member of SEIU Local 888 for more than eight years prior to joining the union's staff as Administration and Finance Director in 2009.

  • Carol recently retired from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, after working there for over 37 years.  She is an active union member and executive board officer of her AFGE local.  She has dedicated her entire working life to protection of the American worker.  She has served on the executive board of the North Shore Central Labor Council and is currently on the executive board of the Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council.  She is retiring from government service at the end of 2014 and would like to put the skills she has learned as an educator, organizer, mobilizer and coa

  • Immigrant worker leader

    More information coming soon!

  • President, AFSCME Local 1526

    Elissa embodies all the qualities of a skilled labor leader. She has held various offices on the Executive Board of AFSCME Local 1526 and for the last 14 years has worked tirelessly to educate their members.  As President, Elissa endeavors to keep members safe while working  under less than ideal conditions.They deal with a vast assortment of unsafe conditions and her work in this area is critical because most municipal workers are unaware that “work safe” rules apply to them.

  • Immigrant worker leader

    Erika has 11 year experience organizing multicultural communities. A natural leader, she is adept at running meetings in both English and Spanish and working with low-income individuals to meet agency goals. Erika has proven experience helping to register low-income Latinos to vote and helps these individuals with children in the public school system ensure their needs are being met.  

  • Injured Worker

    Ester began her time with MassCOSH in 2013 when she came to the Workers Center after being hurt on the job. She joined the board after becoming truly inspired by its ability to help workers in need, including its ability to link workers with attorneys to help them achieve workplace justice. As part of the Workers Center International Women’s Committee, Ester is helping to spread MassCOSH’s message of ‘safe secure jobs for all’ within immigrant communities as well as leading workshop to educate these workers on their rights on the job.

  • Teens Lead at Work Alumna

    There may not be a younger and more qualified organizer that Jessica. A Dorchester native, Jessica has been involved with MassCOSH since 2011 while she was a sophmore at O'Bryant High School. After serving as a Peer Leader for 2 years, Jessica was promoted to Senior Peer Leader and has recently joined the Board, becoming one of it's youngest members. She is currently applying to college and plans to remain active with the Board after her last summer with the Teens Lead at Work youth development program.