MassCOSH Founders and Early Activists Honor MassCOSH’s 40 Years!

April 13, 2017

In 1976, the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health was founded, growing out of Urban Planning Aid’s Industrial Health and Safety Project. The founding convention/conference was held on April 3, 1976, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Active committees accomplished on-going work for the organization: the MassCOSH Health-Technical Committee, the MassCOSH Legal Committee, and the MassCOSH Steering Committee. In 1979, MassCOSH hired its first paid staff person. New committees formed (e.g. the MassCOSH Women’s Committee) and new activists became involved. These early organizational founders and activists built the foundation upon which MassCOSH grows and thrives today.  And today MassCOSH Founders and Early Activists pay tribute to all who have carried on MassCOSH’s important and inspiring work over the last four decades. 
Contributions to celebrate MassCOSH’s 40th Anniversary have been made by the following MassCOSH Founders/Early Activists:

Richard Clapp
Tish Davis
Enid Eckstein and Dick Monks
Michael Felsen
Rose H. Goldman
Laurie Kellogg
David Kriebel and Margaret M. Quinn
Nancy Lessin: In memory of Charley Richardson, Emily Novick, Warren Plaut, and Ed Eagan
Suzanne Mager
Franklin Mirer
Marilyn Morrissey: In honor of Nancy
Sprince and Craig Zwerling
Elise Pechter
Special thanks
 to: Laura Punnett and Rafael Moure-Eraso
Cathy Schwartz
Bob Schwartz and Emily Sedgwick
Peg Seminario
Susan Shepherd
Craig Slatin
Emily Spieler
Sprince and Craig Zwerling: In memory of Jim Ryan
Gregory Wagner
David Wegman
Susan Woskie
Mike Wright
Richard Youngstrom and Anne Kaufman