Get to Know a Donor

December 11, 2017

One of MassCOSH’s newest monthly donors knows just how important safe jobs are. For 34 years, Joel Weddig worked for the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development as an industrial hygienist, investigating deaths on the job, improving workplace indoor air quality, and ensuring business complied with OSHA regulations. 
After his retirement, Joel decided to become a sustaining donor, signing up at to make automatic monthly gifts to the fight for safe jobs. Click here to join Joel and hundreds of others who are commited to improving the lives of working people. 
“The death of a close colleague, Nancy, who I worked with for over a decade [inspired me to give],” says Weddig. “I support MassCOSH because they are speaking up when I am not speaking enough or when I don’t have the time to be active. When I’m not able to give my electronic and physical support, they are giving a presence that I can financially support.”
As an expert in worker health and safety, Weddig hopes you will join him in supporting your labor advocacy organization.
“MassCOSH does a lot of good work helping and protecting workers,” explains Weddig. “Though you may be supporting them already every now and then… but lest you should forget [to donate], as a sustaining donor, you are supporting MassCOSH continuously.”