Farewell to Tolle Graham

June 14, 2018

It is with warm wishes that MassCOSH announces the retirement of Tolle Graham. For almost 32 years, Tolle shaped the health and safety movement in Massachusetts and beyond through her activism in the labor movement and COSH network. Her commitment to the rights of workers and their health and safety has resulted in too many improvements and victories to list here. She has supported thousands of workers throughout her career, providing them with the knowledge and capacity to address hazards and injustices in their workplace so they can earn a living and return home to their families alive and well.

Her career has spanned from working the floors of General Electric as one of the first group of women electronic technicians in the 70’s; championing the right of female workers have safe jobs that do not put their reproductive health in jeopardy in the 80’s; leading efforts to end toxic chemical exposures in the 90's; drafting the first Dying for Work in Massachusetts reports in the 2000’s; to her more recent commitment to improving working conditions for thousands of Massachusetts teachers, school staff, and students.

“Tolle is an icon plain and simple,” says MassCOSH Executive Director Jodi Sugerman-Brozan. “There is not a worker in the state that has not benefited from her activism, and we would like to thank her in the sincerest terms for her dedication to workers’ rights and the labor movement. Anyone who has had the pleasure to work alongside her knows we are losing a true rockstar but can rest assured that Tolle remains personally committed as ever to the fight for good, safe jobs for all.”