Access to Quality Jobs

Emerging industries, from “green jobs” (such as recycling and weatherization) to high tech jobs (such as nanotechnology), put our state and country at a crossroads.  We can create employment with the same dangerous, precarious, exploitative conditions, or we can insist on quality jobs with decent wages that are safe, healthy, unionized and accessible to disenfranchised populations. 

MassCOSH will join with community, labor and environmental groups to support policies and initiatives that foster quality, accessible jobs by:

  • Promoting good, quality jobs in the recycling industry that are accessible to workers of color and immigrants through the establishment of a new recycling cooperative, run by members of MassCOSH’s Worker Center and the Boston Workers Alliance, as well as through leadership in the Boston Recycling Coalition
  • Expanding youth summer jobs funding, while ensuring that city- or state-funded youth employers are required to provide safety training, through leadership by youth peer leaders in collaboration with youth worker coalitions
  • Promoting the “Good Jobs, Great Communities” pledge, ensuring that all “good jobs” include safe and healthy work standards
  • Serving as an occupational safety and health clearinghouse for information and resources for workers, labor and the community